About Us

  Arevaberd cinema is situated in the center of the town Berd, in the Tavush region of Armenia.
  The Arevaberd cinema is becoming a cultural center for the town-folk, a special gathering/meeting place, an institution for cinema art as well as for communicating international events.
  Arevaberd presents to its audience striking decoration, attractive furnishings in two halls, with 100 and 400 seating capacity with 10 and 20 meter screens.
  Both halls have HD resolution pictures and DOLBY DIGITAL 5+1 sound effects, which provide the maximum effect of attendance.
  In addition to traditional cinema, Arevaberd is also a Satellite TV-Theatre. The two TV-satellite dishes installed on the building are directed to EUTELSAT and HOTBIRD satellites providing over 120 perfect channels, some of which are in English or Russian. The cinema receives channels broadcasted from Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, London, Berlin, New York and other major cities in the world.
  A variety of fiction film channels are offered, such as MGM, Hallmark, Primera, Moviehit, …/,Documentary film channels; Discovery 4 channels, National Geographic 2 channels, 24 Doc, 365 days.../; News Channels, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, DW, Euro News…/,Music Channels; VH1, Mezzo…/ , 3 Fashion Channels; Sports Channels; Eurosport, Extreme sports, Sports plus…/ Cartoon channels; Nickelodeon, Jim Jam, Jetix.../, and others.
  Arevaberd offers free shows of various categories of films for school and college students and Armenian Army personnel.
  The lobby/reception hall of the cinema has been renovated into an attractive, modern café seating 60 persons, where visitors can conduct personal and intimate conversations while being entertained and having refreshments. Visitors can also view the large TV screen in the lobby café, which shows the same TV programs in Blu Ray quality.
  In the corridor of the small cinema hall are hung pictures of famous, world-renowned film directors Stenly Kubrik, Mikelangello Antonioni, Sergey Parajanov, Arthur Peleshyan, and famous artists Al Pachino and Mher Mkrtchyan. On the background of these portraits are written the titles of three movies of these masters. In this way the cinema wishes to bring attention to these filmmakers and their masterpieces.
  The lobby hall also features an Internet club.
  In 2010, benefactor Viktor Hayrapetyan, a Berd native, completed the reconstruction, equipping and furnishing of "Arevaberd" Cinema. His purpose was to provide the opportunity for citizens of Berd, who are far removed even from events in Armenia, to connect via Sattelite TV Cinema and Internet with the world's dynamic and active social, political and cultural events, providing a visual connection with art, science, sports, and the latest developments of human intellect.
  Furthermore, until a Church is constructed in Berd, Averaberd will also serve as a place of Church service. Arevaberd is becoming a house of Culture, Education and Faith.