Town Berd

Territory-31.535 sq. km.

  At present the city has 2900 households: there are four schools of general education, a musical school, a branch of “Aliq” university, a house of culture, a state college, a gallery of history, libraries, a sport school situated in there. Yet in the 7-th century during the kingdom of the knight Clik Amram, Tavush fortress was constructed on the impassable bases of Tavush defile. The settlement was in the neighborhood of the defile, the remainders of which are being excavated up to now. Further the settlement was destroyed and the inhabitants were disseminated. Then a part of them has returned and founded a new settlement, in front of the castle, which called Berd. In 1897 there are 1350 inhabitants living there. Lately the number of inhabitants has gradually raised and in 1980-ies the settlement has about 12000 inhabitants. There are a lot of dwelling houses made of tuff, and fabrics constructed before. The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture, artisanship and trade. A brandy fabric and a “Tagazard” fabric are functioning. The fabric “Tagazard” processes diamonds.